American Truck and Trailer Services

Trailer Repairs

Have a trailer that needs a repair? American Truck and Trailer is your last stop to get the repairs that you need done. You can trust that it will be done on-time and on-budget. 

Flatbed Install & Repair

American Truck and Trailer is your expert solution for all of your flatbed installs. We focus on ensuring a smooth installation that stays affordable for you. 

Service Body Install & Repair

We understand that installing a service body can be a big job but is necessary for you to be able to complete your job smoothly. You need not worry any longer, American Truck and Trailer is here for you.  

Electronic Tarp Install & Repair 

American Truck and Trailer is a premier installer for Electronic Tarp Installs which includes for agricultural.  

Lift Gate Install & Repair

Sometimes you have the truck, but you need something more. Check out our Lift Gate Install package where we can make it a little easier to get that heavy thing on the truck. 

Boss Snowplow Install & Repair

In North Dakota, we get to endure winter year round it seems. Lucky for you, we are your expert Boss Snowplow Installer. 


We'd love to work with you.

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